Pictured: John Simons, Elvis Duran, Dennis Clark

My career in radio began as a presenter over 35 years ago working in commercial and BBC local radio. From there I moved to be a “Player Manager” as PD and afternoon jock on the first wave of regional commercial stations at Century Radio.

The draw of National Radio was too strong and I left my “On Air” role behind and moved to London to be the PD of national station Talk Radio. Then onto LBC, and finally BBC Radio 2 for my tour of duty in London that lasted 3 years.

This gave me a unique qualification as one of the only UK based PD’s who had worked in Local and National, Commercial and BBC, with Music and Speech experience

The excitement of setting up a brand new Group of Stations for GMG came knocking in 2000. From a standing start to 14 stations across

the whole of the UK took up that decade, and after 13 years GMG sold out and I started Consulting again, which has been an incredible adventure that has taken me right around the world.

Here’s the detail to go with the story:


Fellow of The Radio Academy 2006

Voted Sony Programmer of the Year 2004

Trustee of The Radio Academy 1999

London News Radio

1998 - 1999

Soundhouse Studios 1986 – 1987

Production Director

GMG Radio

April 2000 – July 2013
Group Programme Director

BBC Radio 2

Consultant on Music Policy

1999 - 2000

Century Radio 1994 - 1997

Programme Director (with Board status)

Programme Controller

Programme Director (LBC AM & FM)

Talk Radio (UK) 1997 - 1998

Programme Director

BBC Radio Nottingham 1987 – 1994

Senior Producer

Radio Tees 1981 – 1986

Head of Music/Presenter

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